Today marks a day that many fans of Real Madrid have waited for – the club announced that they are firing manager Rafa Benitez effective immediately, and will be replacing him with none other than the legendary player, Zinedine ”Zizou” Zidane.

The majority of Real Madrid fans and soccer experts the world over are either praising or will praise this move because it rights a wrong that was perpetrated in June of last year. When Real Madrid club president Florentino Perez inexplicably sacked the club’s manager Carlo Ancelotti and replaced him with Benitez, fans, players and experts alike could already see the writing on the wall. The initial shock centered around the fact that Real Madrid was firing someone who had led them to La Decima, the club’s tenth Champions League trophy and replacing him with someone who was perceived to be significantly inferior since Benitez’s resume couldn’t have even held a candlestick to the likes of someone like Ancelotti.

From the beginning of Benitez’s tenure, he clashed with a number of players, most notably Cristiano Ronaldo who complained that Benitez’s philosophy didn’t mesh with his own. Besides that, fans and experts could see that Benitez did not appear to have the experience or personality to handle such a big responsibility and certainly not the amount of scrutiny that comes with managing a powerhouse like Real Madrid.

But now, after a playing career spanning over a decade and a half, the legendary Zinedine “Zizou” Zidane will get his chance to coach the senior team after spending the last few years managing Castilla, Real Madrid’s reserve side. However, his results from Castilla aren’t anything to write home about, so what can be expected from Zidane?

To tell the truth, no one is quite sure exactly how Zidane will respond to being thrust into the spotlight, especially one as bright as the one that shines on the manager’s box at the Bernabeu, but fans seem to have a more positive attitude toward Zidane. However, former club president Ramon Calderon has said that, should Zidane fail in helping Madrid challenge for the La Liga championship, Jose Mourinho will be “waiting in the wings.” Needless to say, expectations are pretty high and there seems to be little room for error.

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