Zeke needs to be paid!

Ever feel like your boss doesn’t treat you how you’d expect? You ever think that you deserve to get a raise because of all the backbreaking work you do? Well, I can tell you that Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott absolutely feels that way given the fact that he’s still holding out with only days left until the beginning of the new NFL season.

This practice of holding out in order to secure a better-paying contract has grown in popularity over the last decade or so, but rarely has a holdout with a player of Elliott’s magnitude taken centerstage. His argument, which I completely agree with, centers around the fact that he isn’t paid enough to play the bruising position of running back. For reference, the average span of an elite NFL running back’s career is significantly less of a peer, say an elite wide receiver, because of the physical requirements. The fact is that Elliott, along with other running backs such as the Los Angeles Chargers’ Melvin Gordon, wants to maximize the money he’ll receive in the relatively short time before he has to hang up his uniform.

So why won’t the Cowboys sign him? Well, for one, the NFL’s salary cap makes it much harder to budget, especially considering that teams need to pay 53 players (the size of a regular season roster). Also, the Cowboys’ front office isn’t the brightest and tends to make poor decisions. Finally, the owner, Jerry Jones, has been maligned for years for treating the players on his team like his property and not as employees. All this aside, it’s time for the Cowboys to pay Ezekiel Elliott the money he deserves. Since arriving in the NFL, he has been far and away the best pure running back in the league and he should be paid like it.

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