Yet Another Refereeing Mistake

Thursday night’s matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and the Minnesota Vikings was an intense matchup featuring great defense and was down to the wire. However, the game has now been overshadowed by yet another refereeing mistake that has come to define NFL officials.

At the end of the game, the Vikings scored a touchdown to make the score 17-15. With only 25 seconds left, they obviously wanted to go for the two-point conversion. However, their first attempt was flagged because of a false start penalty, which moved them back five yards. However, on the following play, Sam Bradford, the Vikings’ quarterback, was hit in the helmet by a Cowboys defender. This is a penalty by definition and should have been called, but mysteriously it was not. In fact, Sam Bradford appealed to the referee and reported that the official told him that he wasn’t hit in the helmet, despite the fact that TV replays showed that he obviously was.

The simple fact that the official obviously wasn’t paying attention to what was going on around the quarterback is yet another example of why the NFL needs to hire full-time refs. Simply put, they miss way too many critical calls. Compared to referees in the other three major leagues (NBA, NHL, and MLB), they miss many more calls. Obviously no one’s perfect, but the fact that this is a consistent talking point with about one incident per week shows that the NFL needs to consider making their officials full-time employees.

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