With No Quarterbacks, The Savior Is A Wide Receiver

Let’s face it. 2020’s been a really strange year, and it’s weird influence has affected the sports world as much as any other. In fact, it’s done so in an even more public way than any other. But today, we get to see maybe the weirdest and most unique consequence of the COVID-19 crisis in the NFL: a team with no quarterback.

Now, you might be wondering how that is possible. The answer is equal parts unfortunate and ridiculous. Jeff Driskel, the Denver Broncos’ backup quarterback, tested positive on Saturday for COVID-19. None of the other three quarterbacks on the roster did. However, there’s still the problem of them all practicing together. Since players of the same position spend a lot of time with each other, all four QBs were in close contact, meaning that Driskel could’ve gotten the others sick. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem like that happened, but they are still close contacts. Also, they weren’t wearing masks, since they were practicing, and the league rules stipulate that players in close contact with someone who tests positive can’t play for a few days.

That means that every quarterback on the Broncos’ roster is ineligible for today’s game against the Saints. So, what are they going to do? Unfortunately, they can’t have GM John Elway, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, come in and they were denied the option of starting offensive coach Rob Calabrese by the league. The only solution is to do something that hasn’t been done since 1965: start a non-QB at quarterback.

There’s a problem with this. It’s typical for NFL teams to run trick plays with position players under center a few times a game, but that won’t work on a consistent basis, so they need to find someone who can play the position.

Fortunately, the Broncos have a position player with QB experience. Wide receiver Kendall Hinton was the backup quarterback for three years at Wake Forest, so he’ll step into the role. However, the learning curve is going to be almost insurmountable. Hinton hasn’t played quarterback for a while, he wasn’t particularly good in college, and he has zero experience playing against professional defenses.

My prediction is that the Denver Broncos offense is going to be a comedy of errors today and they’ll surely lose. But at least it’ll be entertaining to see something that hasn’t happened in 55 years.

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