Will they ever learn?

The disappointed of relegation has been compounded by crimes of match-fixing by SD Huesca

Why do people do things they’re not supposed to do? Especially when others have done them before and been thoroughly punished? These questions have fascinated psychologists and philosophers for centuries. Most conclude that it’s the excitement of committing a crime that motivates people to do unethical things. But the people who perform these acts also have issues of impulsiveness and a lack of common sense.

The most recent example is match-fixing in Spain. In the sports world, there is no crime as egregious as match-fixing. The interesting thing is that most people who are accused of match-fixing do so with underperforming teams. In this case, the main team in question is Huesca, a team that was relegated from Spain’s Primera Division.

The scandal was revealed after gambling authorities discovered money being wagered at 12 times the normal amount, which set off numerous alarms. My immediate question was about how people could be so oblivious as to think that these irregularities wouldn’t be picked up by authorities. This is the latest in a number of similar incidents that have put a stain on Spanish football over the past few decades, which makes it even more inconceivable that reasonable people would attempt to fool government officials like this.

The Spanish authorities already know what the telltale signs of match-fixing are, and potential criminals know the punishment, but it is the potential for making obscene amounts of money that makes them go against their better judgment.

Hopefully, the arrest of multiple club executives and players, including Huesca’s president, motivates would-be match fixers to think again before engaging in these illegal activities. I wouldn’t be surprised if SD Huesca itself is punished as a club by the league and gets sent down two divisions, instead of the customary one as a result of getting relegated.

As obvious as it should be that people should not try to fix matches, the motive is all about money, the famous “root of all evil,” and it will unfortunately cause this to happen again.

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