Why Lie?

As the Australian Open begins, the big stories, as always, are the big name players, as well as predictions. However, this year’s Open is unique because there is a new story that has confused a lot of people. You see, Rafael Nadal is not participating in the tournament this year because of, as his representatives termed it, a “stomach flu.” This has made people suspicious of Nadal’s true reasons for not entering the tourney, particularly since he made this announcement two weeks ago. Now, I don’t believe that a stomach flu is his only problem, particularly since it doesn’t take over two weeks to recover from that sickness.

So, we need another explanation for Nadal’s absence. Everyone knows that Nadal has had an extensive history of knee problems, which have held him out of tournaments in the past. I would venture to say that this is the most likely explanation for his extended absence.

I find this strange because it seems like he’s hiding something. I mean, since he’s had knee problems in the past, it’s not like announcing such an injury would be detrimental. Maybe there’s something else going on that not even I can predict. Hopefully we’ll find out sometime soon but for right now, all we can do is wait and see.

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