Why Kevin Knox Will Be A Serious Rookie of the Year Candidate

Following the 2018 NBA Draft, the consensus was that this season’s Rookie of the Year would be either DeAndre Ayton or Luka Doncic. However, after his eye-catching performances at NBA Summer League, it seems like the New York Knicks’ Kevin Knox will be a serious contender for the award. However, he may actually end up being the favorite for a variety of reasons, the biggest of which will be optics.

By optics, I mean that Knox will play the biggest role for his team this season out of the three. In Ayton’s case, he will be a big story, but he won’t be the Phoenix Suns’ #1 option. That title belongs to Devin Booker and will continue to belong to him for at least 5 years, following Booker’s new 5-year, $158 million extension. As for Doncic, he will have to share the court with spark plug sophomore guard Dennis Smith Jr.

Knox, on the other hand, will almost certainly be the Knicks’ #1 option for the season. Kristaps Porzingis will likely miss the entire season, which means that the team doesn’t have a de facto main player. That’s where Knox comes in. Considering all the buzz surrounding him, as well as the fact that the Knicks don’t have any goals for the season beyond getting a good pick in next year’s NBA Draft Lottery, Knox will get all the opportunities to produce as much as possible.

This will give Knox every opportunity to be as productive as possible and give him the chance to play against the best players as often as possible. It seems like Kevin Knox may have the inside track to become the next NBA Rookie of the Year.

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