Why Isn’t the Mookie Betts Trade Official Yet?

Everyone hates uncertainty. It makes you uncomfortable, it makes you question yourself and it can even affect relationships. But when it comes to uncertainty in the trade market, it causes another feeling: aggravation. But those questions still abound. Why isn’t this going through? I thought this was already agreed, right? Why can’t they just push it through already? Let me answer those questions right now.

Mookie Betts is currently the centerpiece of a proposed deal between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Boston Red Sox. However, he isn’t the only piece of the deal, and if one thing is wrong with the deal, it’ll be canceled. The interesting thing is that the Dodgers included the Minnesota Twins on the deal and are sending a Twins prospect to the Red Sox in the deal. However, his medical doesn’t show the kind of longevity the Red Sox were expecting of a starting pitcher, instead thinking that the prospect would be more suited to a relief role.

And herein lies the problem: the deal is turning out to not be what was expected. Neither side has made any statements about pulling out of the deal, but they haven’t confirmed it either. Basically, everyone’s sitting around waiting for news that isn’t coming from either club. The problem here is that there are now two equally upset fanbases: the Dodgers fanbase, who feels like they’re having their hopes built up for nothing, and the Red Sox fanbase, who feels like they’re waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it’s not.

Hopefully, this gets resolved quickly, but that’s already overdue. And so, an already hectic offseason for the Red Sox is being evermore complicated by the moment, and the fanbase is likely getting tired of it.

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