Why is Omar Minaya back with the New York Mets?

The sports world has become so unpredictable that it’s hard to even feign surprise. However, there is a bit of news, every once in a while, that astounds me and makes me ask “Why?” Well, one of those moments happened on Friday with the return of Omar Minaya to the New York Mets.

My first instinct was to roll my eyes, but I needed to think about why the Mets would rehire a guy they fired 7 years ago. Even stranger, he’ll be working as an advisor to his successor, Sandy Alderson. In all my years of watching sports and covering sports, I don’t think I’ve ever seen this situation transpire. A predecessor working for his successor in an inferior role? That can’t work, can it?

Well apparently in Fred Wilpon’s mind, it can. In my opinion, this “experiment” won’t end well. Wasn’t Minaya fired because he wasn’t good at his job? So if he did badly at his job, and he didn’t do well in San Diego either (they haven’t improved much in the time that he’s been there), then why should we believe that he’ll arrive in New York and just revitalize the Mets after a dismal season?

Here’s a better question: Why does Sandy Alderson need an advisor anyway? He was doing fine before. This year just got messed up for him and the Mets because of rampant injuries. It doesn’t mean that Fred Wilpon needs to play “Blast from the Past” and bring back old news.

In any case, I’ll go into this with a slightly open mind. For his first couple of years, Minaya was a great general manager, courting some big-name free agents like Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran. So maybe he’ll be able to replicate his success. I just hope he doesn’t replicate the failure that came after too.

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