Why is he acting like this? How the Kawhi Leonard situation came to be

Historically, the San Antonio Spurs have been the stable, no-controversy NBA franchise, but that has all been turned on its head with the acrimonious situation involving them and Kawhi Leonard. Since the spring, Leonard has been locked in a fight with the Spurs regarding how they handled his recovery from a leg injury. Now he wants to leave San Antonio (with Los Angeles being his preferred destination), which has thrown the NBA’s most anti-controversial franchise right in the middle of a whole bunch of drama.

But how did this happen? More specifically, how did such a mild-mannered person like Kawhi Leonard, a player who rarely shows emotion on the court and tends to keep to himself, suddenly decide to do a complete 180º and act like “an obnoxious diva,” as ESPN’s Michelle Beadle said on The Jump? First off, fans need to understand that this really isn’t coming from Kawhi Leonard, but rather his uncle, Dennis Robertson. Robertson is Leonard’s advisor and for some reason has decided to drive a wedge in between the Spurs and Leonard.

This entire situation has really soured fans’ perceptions of Kawhi Leonard. That’s because he once had a squeaky-clean reputation of a player who never wanted any trouble and simply minded his own business. But thanks to the advice of a couple of people in his camp who experts universally see as bad influences, that once “squeaky-clean” reputation has gotten plenty filthy in recent months.

Obviously, the Spurs don’t want to let go of Kawhi Leonard, who is universally recognized as one of the top 10 players in the NBA when healthy. That said, if Leonard and his team have no intention of cooperating with the Spurs (Leonard has threatened to sit out games until he’s traded), the franchise will have no other option.

So why is Kawhi Leonard acting like this? Well the answer is simple: after years of success in San Antonio, Leonard has gotten some bad advice and now thinks that moving to a bigger market will be better for him without considering the fact that it will be harder for him to stand out in a place where LeBron James plays and the Golden State Warriors are just up the coast. Simply put, he didn’t put enough forethought into this and now he’s cast a die that he might end up regretting.

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