Why Dusty Baker is the Ideal Managerial Hire for the Astros

The Houston Astros, for all intents and purposes, have been through the wringer over the past few months. All the speculation that culminated in findings of rampant and severe cheating, as well as the dismissal of the team’s GM and manager, have thrown the team into a state of disarray. The players might be trying their best to put on cool, calm and collected faces in public and on TV, but behind the scenes, it’s almost guaranteed that they’re confused and nervous.

That’s why someone like Dusty Baker is the perfect person to step in and be the new manager of the team. For those who either don’t know or haven’t realized, Dusty Baker is a prototypical, old-school manager. He doesn’t fuss around with what non-players or coaches think, he’ll stand up for his players in any situation and he respects the rules (though he’s known for frequently disagreeing with umpires). Basically, he provides much-needed stability in a time of full-blown chaos for the Astros franchise.

But Baker provides more than just in-game knowledge. This is a man who understands tumult better than just about anyone. He grew up in the 1960s, or the Jim Crow era, and witnessed firsthand the vile racism Hank Aaron suffered during the 70s. From that, he’s developed a very strong backbone, and thus won’t bow to any demand and will always be around to stand up and defend his players from attacks, which they’ll certainly face throughout the season.

However, Dusty Baker also understands that there’s always room for improvement. He’s never dealt with a team that embraces data and advanced metrics quite like the Astros. But because of who he is, Dusty Baker will be more than willing to learn about the data and the metrics and be open to incorporating them into his managerial style.

At the end of the day, Dusty Baker will always be a player’s manager. He’ll stand behind his team no matter what. And considering that the Astros will deal with mean-spirited criticism throughout the year, Dusty Baker will bring the stability that they absolutely will need.

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