Why Can’t We All Play the Game Without Cheating?

A key moment in the process of growing up is when you first learned that cheating was a bad thing and that “honesty is the best policy.” As children, we were taught to equate cheating with lying. However, when it comes to baseball and the MLB, it seems that cheating is second nature and is just written off as “something that happens.” Well it shouldn’t, and here’s why the teams that are doing it deserve to be punished.

Now, we all already know that the Houston Astros will be receiving heavy sanctions for rampant cheating from 2017 to 2019, during which they made two trips to the World Series and won the Commissioner’s Trophy once. I’m not here to talk about that. I want to talk about the Boston Red Sox, who, according to former team members and staff, cheated their way to the 2018 World Series Championship.

Their method of cheating came in the form of sign-stealing by way of a camera in center field. Now, this originally was acknowledged to be done by most teams in the league, but the MLB Commissioner’s Office directed everyone to stop the practice after the 2017 season. In response, nearly every team did. However, the Red Sox were the one team that didn’t.

Now, for the Red Sox fans who would inevitably accuse me of holding them to a higher standard and ignoring the misdeeds of my beloved New York Yankees, I acknowledge that the Yankees were doing this too. However, the difference is that when the Commissioner’s Office told them to stop, they stopped. The Red Sox didn’t.

This all points to the larger issue of restoring integrity in baseball. How should the MLB go about this? Well, they’re already working on one part of the solution, which is the deterrent. Whatever the punishment for the Houston Astros is going to be, it must be severe enough to send a message and set a benchmark in order to let teams know about the detrimental things that’ll happen if they cheat.

The second thing that needs to happen is much more simple: the other teams need to STOP CHEATING. Whatever nefarious practices they’re engaged in, they need to end immediately. Learn how to play the game without trying to get a leg up on the competition.

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