Where did these Bulls come from?

The offseason is usually a time for teams to look for players to improve their squad, but generally, overhauling an entire team isn’t what franchises go for. However, this offseason, the Chicago Bulls ended up overhauling the majority of their roster, seeing the likes of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, among others, leave, while welcoming 5 new players, including Rajon Rondo and future Hall of Famer Dwyane Wade.

Coming into the season, the overarching question was whether this experiment would actually work. People said that having Wade and Rondo come into a team that already had Jimmy Butler as its leader would be disastrous. Critiques also included the fact that the new additions wouldn’t really help the Bulls with their inability to space the floor, not to mention that none of the additions would help them out in 3-point shooting.

However, the Bulls played the Celtics at home Thursday night and surprised everyone. Coming into the game, people recognized that not only did the Bulls have various problems on paper, but also the Celtics were one of the better teams in the league. That said, the game showed possibly the opposite of what everyone feared.

The Bulls dominated the game from the offset, coming at the Celtics on every possession and making a team that improved on their playoff squad from last year by adding All-Star center Al Horford look like a team that was still trying to figure it out. The whole Bulls team looked to be in sync the entire time and the end result of a Bulls win was well justified.

It remains to be seen whether this was simply luck or a real sign of things to come, but the Bulls have definitely assuaged some fears about whether the team would work out or not.

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