What’s with all the Injuries?

Let’s not pretend like being healthy isn’t awesome. Being healthy means that you’re able to function at an optimal rate, you’re able to move around freely without the burden of being hurt, and the best part is that it’s much easier to remain healthy than to hurt yourself. So why is it that, especially when that last part is true, so many top-flight soccer players are getting hurt?

The injury bug is constantly present in professional sports. It’s just an occupational hazard that everyone’s come to accept. However, the injury bug only affects a relatively small number of players. Usually, the top players as well as more experienced players understand what they need to do to stay away from the injured list. However, the 2019/2020 season has only just begun but already there are a number of top teams in the world suffering from multiple injuries to their top players.

Three teams immediately come to mind: FC Barcelona, PSG and Real Madrid. It’s very rare for three of the five most famous clubs in the world are stricken with such terrible injury problems. In Barcelona’s case, the most prominent injuries are to their talisman Lionel Messi, who has not debuted this La Liga season thanks to a calf issue, one that he has recently aggravated, lengthening his time on the shelf, and Luis Suarez, who injured his calf during the club’s first match of the season.

For PSG, they are dealing not only with the tenuous situation of Neymar (he wants to leave, but that’s for a different article), they’re also dealing with prospective, month-long absences of striker Edinson Cavani (adductor) and star winger Kylian Mbappe (hamstring). Because of this, PSG is hesitant to allow Neymar to leave, which only makes a stressful situation worse.

However, the worst set of injury problems belongs to Real Madrid, who have an incredible SIX players currently on the shelf. Marco Asensio’s already done for the year with a torn ACL, new signings Luka Jovic (knee) and Ferland Mendy (thigh) are sidelined, veterans Isco (hamstring) and James (calf) got hurt this past weekend, youngsters Brahim Diaz and Rodrygo both are recovering from their own hamstring injuries, Thibaut Courtois is dealing with an ankle injury and new talisman Eden Hazard hasn’t made his regular season debut for the club thanks to a thigh injury.

All of the injuries to prominent players raise the question of whether they’re being worked too hard. Particularly in the case of Real Madrid, many of the injuries listed occurred in training, while those of Barcelona and PSG could be attributed to overexertion thanks to poor training practices. Thankfully, all the players mentioned are expected to make full recoveries sooner or later, but this rampant injury problem cannot be allowed to become a season-long issue across professional soccer.

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