What Should MLB Do About Trevor Bauer?

It was a happy 4th of July for baseball fans, but not so much for the Dodgers’ Trevor Bauer, who missed his Independence Day start after being placed on administrative leave after being accused of violent sexual assault last week. Obviously, I can’t talk about innocence or guilt, but I do think it was the right and only decision that the league could’ve made while the case is being introduced. However, that leaves me with a question: Do they let him back, and if so, when?

Obviously, violent sexual assault is not something to be taken lightly, which makes this an incredibly delicate situation for the Los Angeles Dodgers and MLB. Also, we do know that Trevor Bauer isn’t exactly the nicest or friendliest guy you could ever meet, given that several of his former teammates have talked about their dislike of the guy. I mean, even Gerrit Cole, his best friend in college at UCLA, has avoided talking about Bauer because of his intense dislike of the guy.

It’s also unquestionable that investigating this case enough to figure out if it needs to be brought to trial will take a little longer than seven days, which is the length of the administrative leave, so once that ends, what does the team and the league do? Do they let him simply continue pitching or do they hold him out again through other means? It’s definitely uncharted territory, but it’s a decision that needs to be made correctly.

Now, speaking of the people who should make these “correct decisions,” I feel like it should be someone at the Dodgers, like part-owner Magic Johnson. Why? Well, I know for a fact that Rob Manfred, the commissioner of the league, isn’t good at making wise decisions and will undoubtedly get it wrong (I’ve made my feelings about Manfred known before).

Personally, I think there’s too much controversy to let Bauer pitch right now, so the Dodgers are better off holding him out, but that’s for them to decide and not me.

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