What Happened Here?

The vote for this year’s inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame was an extremely hot topic leading up to it. The reason for all the commotion was because this year was the first year that former players convicted of using steroids were eligible for induction. There has been, for quite some time now, a huge debate about whether the Hall should allow these so-called “cheaters” in. Many people have said no and many have said yes. The main reason for this doubt is not because they used steroids at all, but when they used them. Did they use PEDs throughout their careers or only towards the end? Unfortunately, the vote yielded a large sense of confusion rather than an answer to this debate.

The confusion is this: for the first time since 1996, no one will be entering the Hall of Fame. Why this has happened, I don’t know. I remember seeing players like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds and thinking—scratch that, knowing that they’d be in the Hall. I also remember watching players who weren’t ever accused of using steroids who were on the ballot like Craig Biggio and Mike Piazza and thinking the same thing. But no one got in and I think that it’s ridiculous. So I think that changes are in order.

I think that the voting process should be reformed so that stuff like this doesn’t happen again. In fact, I’ve never liked the fact that inductees are determined based on the opinions of a few sportswriters. I’d like to see a system where the inductees are determined based on the votes of fans, even though I know it’d never actually happen.

Regardless, this kind of folly should never have happened and I think that it’s an embarrassment to Major League Baseball that there will be no Hall of Fame ceremony this year. In fact, I can see Hall of Famers like Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio looking down and shaking their heads, wondering how such a thing could ever happen.

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