What an Embarrassment

Sometimes things make you so mad that you can’t even try to be creative while talking about them. Nick Kyrgios aiming a shot and Rafael Nadal and then refusing to apologize for it is one of those things. Tennis has long been known as a gentleman’s game, complete with a set of unwritten rules for decorum’s sake. One of those rules is not hitting a ball at your opponent and apologizing if it does.

Sadly, however, this is perfectly in line with Kyrgios’ character. He’s painted himself as an ignorant player who routinely has negative emotional outbursts on the court. Again, showing emotion is perfectly alright, even encouraged, but when those emotions are channeled into making yourself look like someone who doesn’t want to be there, to put it simply, it’s just bad.

The worst part however was that this guy was touted to be one of the next dominant forces in the game when he made his debut on the professional circuit. Instead of trophies however, his career has been defined by outrageous temper tantrums and drinking at bars until 11pm the night before a match, as he was reportedly doing the night before facing Nadal at Wimbledon 2019.

I wrote a month ago about how Nick Kyrgios needed to seek help and/or treatment for his anger issues. However, it’s now apparent that he not only doesn’t want to help himself, but he doesn’t care about the game or how he’s perceived by others at all. This is a textbook definition of someone who’s a sociopath and Nick Kyrgios needs help, but after his cowardly actions throughout his career, part of me wants to say that he doesn’t deserve it.

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