What a Moment for Women’s Equality in Sports!

Ever since the inception of professional sports leagues, there has never been a woman who “runs the show.” Sure, women over the years have occupied positions of less importance, but none have ever been the head honcho. Until today.

The news that Kim Ng, a woman who’s spent 30 years working in various MLB front offices, is going to be the new GM for the Miami Marlins will be remembered as a watershed moment where people realize that the time is now to put women is true positions of power when it comes to professional sports. And it’s nice to see that it’s happened to someone who’s worked so hard for some many years to reach this point.

Ng has been a fixture in MLB front offices since the 90s. She won three consecutive World Series with the Yankees in 1998-2000 as Brian Cashman’s second-in-command. Off of that, she should’ve been a candidate to take a full GM job herself. Sadly, society hadn’t progressed enough and she didn’t get the opportunity she so richly deserved. But now, Kim Ng gets to have her moment. And no one can question her pedigree. After all, she has more World Series rings than 16 MLB franchises.

I hope the MLB, and professional sports league at large, recognizes the significance of this moment and makes greater efforts to appeal to women, because we can obviously see that they have just as much interest as men do.

I sincerely hope that Kim Ng’s hire can be a moment where people realize that women can manage a professional sports club as well as any man and I hope it leads to more female hires in positions of power. And here’s to hoping that Becky Hammon becomes the first female NBA coach.

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