We need behavior lessons

Drake shouldn't be giving Nick Nurse a shoulder rub in the middle of a game

A lack of decorum certainly tells you about a person’s character, often times more so than a one-on-one discussion. One of the first things people look at in young children is their ability to follow basic rules and whether they have good manners or not. Why, then, can adults like Drake not abide by these simple social conventions? Why can’t he behave just like every other basketball fan? Or does he believe that he’s above everyone else?

The NBA’s rules, and the rules of every NBA arena, for that matter, are clear: patrons who sit courtside are not to initiate contact with players or team staff. Obviously, it’s OK if it works the other way around (e.g. a player high-fives someone sitting courtside), but it’s usually immediate grounds for ejection if the fan touches a player or a member of the staff. However, Drake is allowed to run up and down the court, verbally abuse the opponents and even give Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse a shoulder rub. So why isn’t he getting kicked out?

Is it because Drake is beloved in Toronto? Sure, he’s one of the city’s most famous exports, but I’m sure that behavior wouldn’t fly at a Lakers game, regardless of how famous the person is. So why does he get a free pass? Are the owners of the team, Maple Leafs Sports & Entertainment, scared to admonish or eject him for breaking the rules? And what about other fans? How do they perceive this behavior? I think this issue opens many floodgates. These “no contact” guidelines are in place for a reason and that’s to prevent any incidents. Anyone who works in security knows that if one breach isn’t dealt with, it will lead to more of the same, which could certainly be dangerous for both the Raptors and their opponents.

However, there’s another issue, and that’s how outsiders are perceiving this. The media is lobbing criticism towards Drake and the Raptors without end. This is on the verge of becoming a PR nightmare, if it hasn’t already. Both parties have responded, defending Drake’s actions, to no avail. And to think it could’ve all been handled by simply following the rules that everyone else does…

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