Was it worth it?

Do the ends justify the means? It’s a debate that has wide-ranging implications, primarily ethics and whether something is more or less beneficial based on the way a goal is met. FC Barcelona met their goal for today by beating Villarreal. However, it may have come at a cost that won’t be seen as worthwhile by the Catalan club’s fans. Lionel Messi started and went down with another injury.

Now, we can’t jump the gun here. There’s zero official news about his condition, the only evidence being that he received treatment around the 30th minute of the match and that he was subbed off at half-time. He suffered a groin injury, which is good news since he didn’t aggravate the calf injury that’s kept him from starting all season before today. Also, no one knows if it’s just a bothersome twinge he felt or a legitimate injury, though the lengthy amount of treatment he received might point to the latter.

This brings me to my point: FC Barcelona have received just 10 points through their first six matches. We all know that this isn’t a point total that one of Europe’s biggest clubs should expect through the first month or so of the season. To add insult to injury, the news that a struggling giant might be faced with even more time without their diminutive talisman is NOT what they want to hear.

So, what happens now? Well first, we wait. We’ll likely hear about Messi’s condition tomorrow morning, at which point one of two things will happen. Either he gets a clean bill of health and everything remains fine or he is faced with another spell on the sidelines, which undoubtedly will send pundits into a frenzy about what FC Barcelona will do without him.

To be honest, it seems like what the team will do without him is what it’s already done. FC Barcelona NEED Lionel Messi. They absolutely require his presence. This obviously is not the end for FC Barcelona, far from it. However, it’ll just put more pressure on the other players to perform well in his absence.

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