Was Gianni Infantino the Mastermind behind the European Super League? FIFA wants to find out.

The best Action/Thriller-type movies are the ones where there’s a twist about 75% of the way through and you find out that the mastermind of the criminal enterprise is actually the last person you suspected. It turns out that fiction might be reality, as far as FIFA goes. The organization has questions about the failed European Super League and what connections FIFA President Gianni Infantino had to the project, and the Swiss organization is stepping up its efforts to find some answers.

In case you’ve forgotten, the European Super League was a failed attempt to create a superior European club competition to the UEFA Champions League. It would have seen the continent’s richest clubs compete in a closed league along with five new qualifiers every season. Obviously, it drummed up an enormous amount of pushback, some of which is still being felt, particularly in England, where Manchester United fans still protest against the Glazer family, who own the club, demanding that they sell.

Interestingly, news came out that FIFA’s president, Gianni Infantino, had some involvement in the project, something that would frankly be earth-shattering. Why would the president of football’s governing body want to undermine their most successful yearly competition? What role in the planning and attempted execution did he play? Did he actually play the biggest role in the league, instead of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez? FIFA is hoping to answer these questions, and likely many more, as they open up these investigative proceedings.

Obviously, this whole process is just beginning, but I have a feeling that it’ll uncover some truly explosive evidence that’ll shake European and world football for a long time.

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