Touchdown Jesus

Besides sports, one of my passions has always been history, and this is an instance where it serves a good use. When the Irish came to the United States, they were discriminated against and they had nothing to lift up their spirits. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing to rally around. By the 21st Century, the Irish had long become accepted as part of the American people. In addition, they’ve finally gotten more than a few things to rally around. Arguably the biggest is the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, particularly the football team, which has made it to Monday’s BCS Championship game against the Crimson Tide.

What has made this team special is that, at the beginning of the season, Notre Dame’s football team was unranked. That said, if Notre Dame wins the BCS Championship game, they would become the first team to ever start the season unranked and finish as national champion. In years past, the Fighting Irish were feared for being a defensive juggernaut. I’ve always looked at the Notre Dame of the last few years and been disappointed. Now that they’ve regained this dominance, I believe that they’ll win the National Championship.

Arguably the person most responsible for the rise of Notre Dame is the Hawaiian, Manti Te’o. He is the unquestioned leader of the team. He was a finalist for the Heisman Award. He’s been compared to Ray Lewis. He’s feared like Ray Lewis. Te’o will help the Fighting Irish win the title. When that happens, I know that there will be many a pub filled with ecstatic Irishmen.

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