They’re Letting Jerry Jones Do This Himself?

Today, I have some great news in the world of “Exceedingly Poor Decisions,” straight from Dallas, TX. Through the years, the Dallas Cowboys, while not successful in the playoffs, have always done reasonably well in the regular season thanks to good player decisions by management. One example would be selecting future Hall of Fame guard Zack Martin instead of quarterback flop Johnny Manziel. However, these good decisions have always come because owner Jerry Jones has had good input from his scouting department. However, the way the draft will play out this year will be very different.

We all know that this year’s draft will take place virtually, thanks to the COVID-19 crisis keeping everyone at home. However, Jerry Jones has specifically instructed his scouting department to “not disturb him” during the draft. Now, seeing as the Cowboys have no GM, the owner has the final say on who gets picked…which means that Jerry Jones will be making draft decisions on his own…without any input from the scouting department.

Now anyone who can read that sentence and tell me with a serious face that this does not have “BAD IDEA” written all over it is lying to themselves and to me. This is an awful idea and the repercussions of this decision by Jerry Jones to “go rogue” most likely will end poorly.

Let’s reflect for a moment on why Jerry Jones has a scouting department to begin with. It was put in place specifically because Jerry Jones was making terrible decisions on his own about what to do in the draft. News flash: This has not changed over the years. Jerry Jones does not have the world’s best decision-making skills, and they have cost the Cowboys many seasons (keeping Jason Garrett as head coach for nine years is just one of many poor decisions Jones has made).

In advance of the first round of the NFL Draft, which takes place tonight, I fully expect to be laughing at the decisions that Jerry Jones makes and to see exasperated Cowboys fans and personnel alike scratching their heads and wondering what just happened.

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