They’re Finally Going to Pay The Kids!

At the simplest level, the concept of production works like this: someone provides a service and in return, they are compensated so that they can continue providing that service. However, that has never been the case in the NCAA. In previous decades, this was a small point of contention, but it has become a much larger problem recently as professionals have begun to receive lucrative contracts. Part of the issue is that the NCAA has refused to allow student-athletes to receive any money, gifts or other things that could be called compensation under penalty of suspension from athletics. But that’s going to change.

After many years of arguments, the NCAA is finally going to start providing financial compensation to its athletes beginning in the 2021-2022 academic year. This comes directly on the heels of announcements from two of the best incoming freshman basketball players, Daishen Nix and Jalen Green, opted to skip college and instead sign with the NBA’s G League in order to make money while going through their required year between graduated from high school and entering the NBA Draft.

Obviously, there will be a lot of questions regarding how much the students will be paid, any benefits like insurance and more, but this is finally a step in the right direction after years of refusal on the ill-conceived basis that “students can’t be paid.”

For the record, I still believe that the head of the NCAA, Mark Emmert should be fired and I think this presents a golden opportunity to find a new figurehead to lead the organization into a new era.

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