They meet again

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal will meet in the French Open Semifinals for their 13th Grand Slam meeting all-time

Legends are special, particularly in sports. Becoming one requires sustained excellence over at least 10 years, though there are rare exceptions. However, what’s even more exceptional is when two legends face off against one another. Such is the case with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Long considered two of tennis’ greatest players ever, their rivalry is one defined by respect and admiration, but most importantly, it’s marked by an persistent desire to beat one another. And now, they will meet in a Grand Slam tournament for the 13th time, as they will face off this Friday in the semifinals of the French Open at Roland Garros.

Understanding the significance of a matchup like this isn’t hard. Both Federer and Nadal are nearing the ends of their respective careers. With that in mind, tennis fans have become accustomed to considering each head-to-head matchup between the two as a moment to appreciate what the Swiss and Spaniard have done to elevate the game. Between them, they’ve won 37 Grand Slam titles and have spent nearly 10 years combined as the #1-ranked men’s tennis player in the world.

The face-off here is slightly different than it is anywhere else, if only because of Nadal’s sheer dominance on clay. In 13 appearances at the French Open, Nadal has won the tournament a record 11 times (second on the list is Sweden’s Björn Borg with 6). With that in mind, Nadal obviously enters this match as the favorite, but not by much. Remember, he is facing Roger Federer, perhaps the greatest men’s tennis player ever to live. His style of play has been described simply as “poetry in motion.” The way he jumps makes it seem as if he’s weightless, and every movement seems to be in perfect synchronization.

As these two begin to enter the twilight of their respective careers, it’s worth sitting back and understanding that, even in matches like these, there can be no rooting interests. This fact alone makes the match different from others, as it’s more of an opportunity to watch another legendary face-off. Simply put, this is a moment to appreciate greatness, on both sides.

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