They Did What?!

The athlete-fan relationship is a very interesting yet tenuous one. One moment, fans will love an athlete, but perform badly and the fans will turn on you in an instant. However, that relates to performance on the field. Outside of that, there really shouldn’t be any kind of hate. That’s why seeing Indianapolis Colts fans booing Andrew Luck following news of his retirement is shameful and is a really bad look.

Over the course of his six-year career, Andrew Luck was showered with grandiose expectations, some of which he was able to meet. However, he was constantly dogged with a plethora of injuries, which ultimately led to his decision to walk away from the game at just 29 years of age. Remember, this is a guy who has been so hurt that he missed an entire season. A lot of blame for the beating Luck has endured over his career has to fall on the shoulders of Jim Irsay, the Colts owner, and Ryan Grigson, the former GM. Their inability to form a cohesive offensive line to protect Luck ultimately led to his injuries and borders on malpractice.

But this article isn’t about what Grigson and Irsay did wrong, it’s about the Indianapolis fans, and their despicable reaction to the news of Luck’s retirement. A major problem with sports fans is that they feel as if these elite athletes owe them something. It’s a big issue that has plagued professional sports for decades. The simple fact is that none of these athletes owe anyone a single thing. So, the fact that Colts fans opted to boo Luck for not continuing to tough through the pain he credited for taking away his love of the game instead of cheering and appreciating all the great things he did as Peyton Manning’s successor says everything you should care to know about what kind of people cheer for the Indianapolis Colts.

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