The Worst Baseball Has To Offer

The Biogenesis scandal is the talk of the MLB right now. Ryan Braun has already been suspended for the rest of the season, but he’s not even the most notable player accused of using steroids. That title belongs to Alex Rodriguez. This saga has all been one big mess, and no one except A-Rod is to blame. He has not only disrupted his own life, but also the lives of everyone connected to the New York Yankees organization. Recently, news came out that A-Rod’s suspension will be announced on Monday, so hopefully this debacle is almost over. But it still begs the question: just how much of baseball is involved in the use of performance-enhancing drugs?

Within the New York Yankees organization, the Steinbrenners and Brian Cashman are beyond angry at A-Rod because of his antics. In a season that should have been focused solely on Mariano Rivera’s farewell tour, Alex Rodriguez has yet again brought the attention onto himself, ironically for making a big deal out of trying to not be suspended for his steroid use. However, Brian Cashman, the Yankees’ general manager does have something to celebrate: if A-Rod gets suspended, the money the Yankees will save from his contract (since players are not paid during suspensions) would put the team under the $189 million salary cap for 2014. The best part of this, as Buck Showalter, manager of the Baltimore Orioles, recently brought to light, is that being under the salary cap would allow the Yankees to go after Orioles catcher Matt Wieters. This caused Showalter to complain about how the suspension would unfairly benefit the Yankees. I think the Yankees have already suffered enough with A-Rod, so it’s OK if they get some tax relief.

Despite the fact that the members of the Yankees’ front office must be completely enraged at this situation, A-Rod’s teammates must feel even worse as they have been the victims of deceit and betrayal. The Yankees have not done too well this year and the last thing they need is more bad news. Remember, Alex Rodriguez is the player who is supposed to be a near-Godlike figure in baseball, given his sheer amount of talent. Now he cannot use it because he’s mired himself in a situation that he can’t escape from

This scandal has made everyone reconsider just how many players are also using PEDs and it’s slowly destroying the game of baseball. If everyone is constantly suspicious of these players and whether or not their performance is tainted or not, it begets a situation with zero trust and a situation where the MLB will begin to lose its fan base who are fed up with repeatedly hearing that some other player has been discovered to have been cheating. The MLB needs to step up and improve the way they test for these drugs. Clearly, their current method is not very good, given that they are relying on third party reports to find out who’s juicing and who is not.

The worst part of this whole nightmare is that this is not the first time A-Rod has done steroids. He admitted to using them several years ago and now he has gone back and done them again. Thus, we can no longer say that he’s made an honest mistake because honest mistakes are not made twice, and most people who break rules do not get caught the first time. Quite simply, A-Rod is an addict, and there’s no place in our society – and certainly not in theMLB – for people with addictive tendencies and behaviors.

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