The Savior of the Mancunians

News emerged today of legendary player and coach Zinedine Zidane’s desire to return to a managerial role and to do so with Manchester United. Before considering anything else, this should be music to the ears of any Manchester United fan and a death knell to the rest of the Premier League. Now factor in the fact that Manchester United fans have grown tired of current manager Jose Mourinho’s antics and failure to bring in the required amount of new players and Manchester United fans will be foaming at the mouth thinking of having Zidane on the touchline at Old Trafford.

Zinedine Zidane’s reputation certainly precedes him, having become the first manager to ever lead a club to three consecutive Champions League victories, as he did with Real Madrid before stepping down in shocking fashion earlier this summer. Meanwhile, Jose Mourinho has drawn the ire of Manchester United fans, both because of his inability to play exciting football and his penchant for criticizing his best players. Case in point, instead of praising World Cup-winner and team captain Paul Pogba on winning the sport’s most prestigious tournament, Mourinho decided to criticize Pogba for “not playing that way” with Manchester United. This led to several rumors that Paul Pogba would ask for a transfer away from the Red Devils.

Seriously though, Manchester United has long waited for a suitable manager to take up the mantle from legendary manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Unfortunately, Manchester United, one of England’s most historic clubs, has not won the Premier League in the six seasons since Fergie retired. Many had hoped that Jose Mourinho could help the club return to their league-winning ways, but he has failed each of the past two seasons. What’s worse is that, instead of taking responsibility for these failures, Mourinho simply spouts excuses as to why his club can’t win, instead shifting the blame onto his players, saying that they’re not good enough.

This is why Zidane needs to arrive at Manchester United ASAP. During his tenure at Real Madrid, Zidane never made excuses when his squad didn’t win La Liga and certainly never blamed his players. Manchester United desperately needs a manager who can deliver trophies and do so without throwing his team under the bus.

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