The Rise of Turnover “Things”

Last season, the University of Miami’s football team launched itself back into the public eye thanks not only to stellar defensive play, but also an interesting totem to signify their successes: the Turnover Chain. The idea was that if a defensive player forced a turnover, that player got to put on the Turnover Chain, which was just a large jeweled University of Miami logo on a big silver chain. The phenomenon caught fire almost immediately, and pop culture responded accordingly. This season however, the University of Miami is no longer alone in having an object with which to celebrate a turnover.

Turnover Beads

For instance, Tulane University’s football team instituted a regionally-appropriate version of the Turnover Chain with some Turnover Beads. Obviously being in New Orleans makes this a no-brainer, but it signals a desire to catch the attention of fans and TV audiences alike as if to say, “Hey! Our defense is damn good also!”

Turnover Throne

Perhaps an even more outlandish example is one that was just witnessed today in Idaho. Apparently, Boise State has raised the stakes and has created a Turnover Throne. Basically, it’s an ornate, white throne and the player responsible for the turnover gets to sit in it. Updates on how the team will be transporting it to away games have not been released yet, however.

This is all fun and games, but it signifies a larger trend that college football is starting to care more about making defense a priority. College football has long been notorious for having games that end up being offensive shootouts and only once in a while do we get to experience true defensive battles. Maybe that’ll begin to change. After all, what better way to celebrate defensive success than by utilizing some cool, eye-catching device?

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