The Red Sox are suffering badly, and there’s no end in sight

Implosion. It means something collapsing in on itself, such as a dying star or a building being demolished by destroying its supports. In both cases, gravity does the job of destroying the object, and unfortunately, that is the case with the Boston Red Sox. The team, the defending World Champions, is an abysmal 11-17 a month into the MLB season.

A major reason for this has been their pitching, which boasts an awful 5.31 team ERA, which includes all pitchers. And perhaps the player’s plight that most stands out is that of team ace Chris Sale, who’s currently 0-5 with an unsightly 7.43 ERA. So, about that whole metaphor of the building imploding? Well, Sale is the destroyed support.

It seems almost impossible that last year’s World Series Champions could have a winning percentage of only .393 a month into the season, but that’s what has happened here. Honestly, there are many factors that contribute to why the Red Sox are struggling. Among the biggest are the financial penalties they’ve incurred over the offseason, which prohibited them from addressing their biggest need: pitching. With that in mind, it becomes much more obvious why they’ve struggled so mightily to begin the year.

This is obviously welcome news for their division rivals, especially their arch-nemesis, the New York Yankees, who currently sport the opposite record (17-11) despite having a whopping 15 players on the injured list. In fact, their injured list is filled with so many good players that it looks better on paper than their current active roster. And this is because the Yankees decided to be frugal in order to escape the MLB’s financial penalties and were able to strengthen a part of their roster that was lacking: their pitching.

Yes, the reason why the Red Sox are struggling is the reason why the Yankees are enjoying success despite massive injury woes. And it seems like the two rivals’ fortunes will be switching at the end of the year because of this.

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