The Next Galactico Should Be Alisson Becker

For the past few years, despite Real Madrid’s overwhelming success both domestically and internationally, the club has desperately needed a new goalkeeper. This isn’t to say that the incumbent, Costa Rican international Keylor Navas, isn’t good, but it’s time for a change. Especially this season, Navas has shown cracks in his ability, including a head-scratching inability to consistently be a strong enforcer in goal. With that in mind, there have been three world-class goalkeepers who people think should replace Navas: Manchester United’s David de Gea, Chelsea’s Thibaut Courtois, and AS Roma’s Alisson Becker. Here’s why Becker should be the one chosen to patrol between the posts in Madrid.

Comparatively, de Gea, Courtois and Becker are three of the best goalkeepers in the world. There’s very little statistically to separate them, because they are all phenomenal at what they do. However, where they separate is in what their monetary value is and how much Real Madrid would likely have to pay in order to bring them to play in the Estadio Santiago Bernabeú.

When it comes to de Gea, who many observers argue is the world’s best goalkeeper, the price to buy him would likely be astronomical. Any quoted fee for de Gea would likely exceed $100 million, and by a lot. Combined with the fact that the current record price for a goalkeeper transfer fee is $49.1 million (Ederson Moraes to Manchester City last summer), the idea of paying what would likely end up pushing the $150 million boundary would raise a lot of questions as to whether it’s realistic to pay that much for a goalie. This is putting aside that fact, Real Madrid has already attempted to get de Gea, but failed in an infamous episode three years ago that was blamed on a faulty fax machine. This raises further doubts that Manchester United would want to sell him to Real Madrid.

As for Courtois, it doesn’t seem like he’d want to come to Real Madrid. He originally played for Real’s crosstown rivals, Atlético Madrid, and players who cross the divide of a rivalry are normally looked down upon. Additionally, Courtois would also probably cost over $100 million, and for a goalie who has made boneheaded mistakes in the past, investing nine figures in him might not be what Real’s president Florentino Perez wants to do. Finally, Courtois has already stated that he plans to play for Chelsea next season.

That leaves us with Roma’s, Alisson Becker. Becker is the national goalkeeper for Brazil and at 25 years old, he has room to grow. But this doesn’t mean that he hasn’t already matured tremendously during his time in Rome. Already at such a young age, Alisson stands to become the best goalkeeper ever, and Real Madrid believes that he will do just that. However, the kicker is this: AS Roma is only asking for $70 million in exchange for Becker, a relative bargain when compared to the likes of de Gea and Courtois.

So for a club with aspirations of dominance and a need to buy multiple, high-priced players at several other positions, saving anywhere from $30-$80 million in order to buy one of the world’s best goalkeepers is the path they must take and that’s why Becker will be the next goalkeeper at Real Madrid.

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