The NBA’s Next Great Shooting Guard

On Friday March 24, 2017, the NBA welcomed its newest superstar. His name is Devin Booker and he plays for the Phoenix Suns. On this date he dropped 70 POINTS on one of the league’s best teams. Yes, the Phoenix Suns aren’t a good team but they have a player on the roster who’s not even legally able to drink (and won’t be for another seven months), but is fast becoming the league’s next “player to be feared.”

Simply put, achieving this feat puts Booker in rarified air. Specifically, the feat of scoring 70 points in a single game had only been done ten times before by only 5 different players, four of whom are either in the Hall of Fame or will be (Wilt Chamberlain, Elgin Baylor, David Robinson, and Kobe Bryant). Just for the sake of providing more context, Booker’s 70-point performance is better than any single scoring performance in the career of Michael Jordan (his career high is 69).

Going forward, fans, analysts, and fellow members of the NBA family need to recognize that Devin Booker is for real. Coming out of Kentucky last year, people could obviously see the raw talent that Booker possessed, but nobody could’ve seen this. It would be ridiculous to write Booker’s performance off as a fluke. Sure, he’ll probably never score 70 again (like I said, there have only been 11 such games in NBA history), but it means that Booker will always be a threat.

In fact, I’m betting that his rise as the next great shooting guard will see him become a better player than Golden State’s Klay Thompson when all is said and done. Besides, if nothing else ever happens in his career, at least he can say that he is one of only six players to ever score 70 points in a single NBA game. That, in itself, is one heck of an achievement.

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