The Most Unacceptable Thing I’ve Seen on An NFL Field

In 2019, the “shock value” of certain things has begun to wash away. Between political issues and war atrocities being recorded on video to see, there’s little that truly takes people aback nowadays. However, what Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns did last night, swinging opposing quarterback Mason Rudolph’s helmet like a weapon and hitting him in the head did just that.

Have we seen fights on a football field before? Absolutely. Have we seen people get their helmets ripped off? Of course. It happens on a regular basis during play, as a matter of fact. But has anyone used that ripped-off helmet in a fight before? To my knowledge, no. At least not with helmets that are made like they are today.

So why did this happen? To be honest, I have absolutely no idea. There were eight seconds left in a game that Cleveland already had won, so there was little reason to be so aggressive. However, it does have to be said that the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Browns are rivals. But that doesn’t justify assault with a deadly weapon, as Garrett did.

Thankfully for Garrett, Mason Rudolph has declined to press charges, though he certainly could have. If you’ve ever held a regulation-sized football helmet, you’ll understand its weight and how swinging it could seriously injure the person who gets hit with it. Now, put that together with the fact that the person swinging it is a professional athlete and therefore stronger than 99% of the population. Additionally, this all happened on national television, so everyone saw it. Basically, this is going to become a big nightmare for Garrett that the NFL will deal with.

In closing, Myles Garrett’s actions were beyond disappointing. I’m sure Myles Garrett is a fine person who may simply suffer from occasional lapses of judgment. However, to have that lapse in judgment happen while you’re on national television is inexcusable and he deserves the indefinite suspension he’s received.

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