The Knickstape is for real/The Warriors don’t look so unstoppable

In case you haven’t realized it yet, understand this: the Knicks are for real and we saw exactly what they’re capable of as a team on Friday night. After a few games filled with mediocrity, the Knicks marched into Chicago and soundly beat a streaking Bulls team.

For the first time this season, the Knicks looked and performed like a unit, committing just 5 turnovers for the whole game while putting up 117 points for the game. Kristaps Porzingis looked like a player who won’t be succumbing to a sophomore slump, scoring 27 points while newcomer Derrick Rose had 11 assists, more than he’s had so far for the entire year. Seeing this type of production out of a team that’s struggled for years is very encouraging, particularly against a strong opponent like the Bulls.

Meanwhile, the preseason favorite Golden State Warriors lost their second game of the year to the Lakers in a game Los Angeles led wire-to-wire. It seems like new Lakers coach Luke Walton knew exactly what to expect from his old employers and countered it spectacularly to the tune of a 20-point win.

It seems like the so-called “super team” that’s formed in Oakland isn’t as formidable as people anticipated, especially seeing as they were beaten by a team that shouldn’t have stood a chance against them. It feels like a lot of the concerns that were brought up regarding how the Warriors team would mesh with Kevin Durant are becoming realized, now that they’ve confirmed that only one player can shoot the ball at a time.

Also, the Warriors seem to have forgotten a big rule of sports that defense is perhaps more important than offense. In getting Durant to Oakland, Golden State let Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut, two big defensive presences from last year, leave the team, and now that decision to chase big offensive production instead of maintaining a strong defensive core is starting to hurt them.

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