The Knicks might get the #1 overall pick and trade it…here’s why that’s an awful idea

Throughout history, there has been a variety of epically bad trades, like Babe Ruth to the Yankees for $25,000 or Manhattan Island for $24 worth of trade goods. However, we could be adding another horrifically bad trade to the list if the Knicks were to follow through on the idea they’ve been flirting with.

According to various sources during the regular season, the Knicks were interested in trading their first-round pick, widely expected to be the #1 overall selection, once-in-a-generation talent Zion Williamson, to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Anthony Davis. Before even discussing why taking on Davis would be a bad idea, let’s examine why trading Zion would be poor decision-making, to say the least.

There are many areas that Zion would help strengthen. For one, the team would be better, not only because of his dominating presence, but because he’d attract big-name free agents who want to have the chance to play with him. Also, from a financial perspective (the one owner James Dolan cares about), having Zion (who was so popular that Duke could justify charging $2,000 for his game against North Carolina at Cameron Indoor Stadium) would lead to a steep rise in ticket prices and revenue. However, this isn’t the biggest reason why this trade shouldn’t see the light of day.

That has to do with acquiring Anthony Davis. Following his failed attempt to force a trade to the Los Angeles Lakers, Davis and his agent, Rich Paul, have lost a lot of good faith within the NBA. To add insult to injury, Davis’ demeanor throughout the remainder of the season reminded onlookers of a petulant child who was upset about not getting what he wanted. For a team that’s been through all manner of struggles, having a divisive superstar in the locker room is the last thing it needs.

Finally, what’s to suggest that Davis wouldn’t try to pull the same stunt in New York? If anything, the continued querulous behavior he showed in New Orleans suggests that he has no intention of going anywhere except to the Lakers. So why waste the opportunity to select a game-changing talent in the draft on something that’s far from sure? But it’s the Knicks; I’m not even sure they know what they’re doing.

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