The Greatest Coach the NFL has ever seen

In sports, there are moments that take your breath away, moments that astound you and moments that make you cheer. However, there are also moments that make you sit, think and reflect. Today is one of those moments, following the news that legendary head coach Don Shula has passed away at the age of 90. This isn’t a moment to cry though. Instead, it’s a moment to remember the man’s greatness, particularly because he was the coach of the greatest team to ever grace the NFL.

He was most notably the coach of the Miami Dolphins for 25 years, including the fabled 1972 Miami Dolphins who, to this day, are the only NFL team to ever record a perfect season. Additionally, he holds the record for most career wins (347) and most games coached (526). His most impressive record of all is likely that, in 33 total seasons coached, he had a winning record in 31 of them!

In the 21st Century, many football fans would point to the New England Patriots’ Bill Belichick as the greatest coach ever. But that wouldn’t go over well with many older fans. For the people who grew up watching Don Shula work his magic on the Miami sidelines, there were few better than him. Tom Landry, Jimmie Johnson (both of the Dallas Cowboys), Mike Ditka (of the Chicago Bears) and Vince Lombardi (of the Green Bay Packers) would probably be the other coaches that they’d say could stand up to Shula’s greatness.

Don Shula will obviously be missed, but his legacy will live on. There’s a statue of the famous moment when he was carried off the field after Super Bowl VII, which cemented his 1972 Dolphins team as the greatest. It’ll stay there as a reminder of what once was and, hopefully, what can be again.

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