The Greatest Baseball Game

What. A. Game.

Game 7s always tend to be exciting and entertaining, but Game 7 of the World Series between the Cleveland Indians vs. the Chicago Cubs might’ve had more hype around it than any other Game 7 in recent memory, regardless of sport. Either way, someone’s curse was going to end, either a 66-year drought for the Indians or a 108-year drought for the Cubs. So history was going to be made one way or another, but it’s kind of fitting that the Cubs won in the epic way that they did.

In all seriousness, last night’s game had everything you could possibly want in a series deciding game: game-tying homers, clutch defensive plays, good relief pitching, and even a rain delay. The entire game certainly kept my heart pounding, just like probably every other person who was watching.

The significance of the Cubs winning and breaking a title drought that’s lasted over a century cannot be lost on anybody. Just to be clear, the phrase “The Cubs have won the World Series” is something almost no person on Earth right now has ever heard. This is a new experience for every single living Cubs fan. Pictures have been going around the internet of several senior citizens jumping for joy because the Cubs won the World Series in their lifetime (which for a Yankees fan is crazy to think about).

In the end, it’s fitting that the longest title drought in sports history ended in the greatest Game 7 in World Series hist

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