The Genius of Andrea Pirlo

The beauty of being able to dictate a soccer match by yourself is amazing, and it’s an astounding thing to watch. And the fact of the matter is that the people who can do that best are central midfielders. In today’s game, no one embodies a smooth transition from center midfield superstar to dominant manager like Zinedine Zidane, who won just about every trophy imaginable as a center midfielder and became a manager, becoming the first ever to three-peat in the Champions League. But now, we have a new center midfield legend who’s throwing his hat in the ring: Andrea Pirlo.

The Italian midfield genius, simply known as maestro, was just appointed as the new manager of Juventus F.C. following Maurizio Sarri’s dismissal. Now, ask any real soccer fan who are the top 5 ballhandlers of all time and Pirlo is bound to be somewhere on all of their lists. Andrea Pirlo wasn’t particularly fast, so he made up for it with crisp passes and deft ball control. And I fully expect him to bring that same philosophy to Juventus.

But why is this significant? Why should we care that Andrea Pirlo is the new manager? Let me explain it by referencing Zidane once again. Zinedine Zidane, manager of Real Madrid F.C., is one of the club’s biggest legends. Though he only spent the final five years of his career in Madrid (coincidentally, he arrived from Juventus), Zidane won a multitude of trophies with the Galácticos, cementing his legacy, which he’s now adding to with his managerial success.

Back to Pirlo, Andrea Pirlo is one of the biggest legends in Italian football history. He’s simply emblematic of the country’s success, so putting him at the head of Italy’s most powerful club over the past 10 years can only mean success. However, this can also mean something else. Something far more significant.

With Pirlo at the helm, teaching the midfield players how to play better, will improve Juventus’ weak spot. And improving their one weak spot will make them a prime threat to win next year’s Champions League and every year after that. But how will Pirlo instill the discipline and excellence that defined his playing career?

Well, he’ll do it through a combination of drilling his midfielders on how to play like him and adding players that he believes embody his philosophy of football. And that list will start off with none other than Sandro Tonali from Brescia. Coincidentally, Pirlo was trained and began his senior career with Brescia as well, and Tonali has already been called the “Second Coming of Pirlo.” With that in mind, wouldn’t it make sense for the real Andrea Pirlo to add the man who’s considered his direct successor?

I’m excited to see what Andrea Pirlo can do to make this nine-peat league champion even better and raise them to the next level.  

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