The Final Step to Becoming the Classroom Bully

Now that the European transfer window is closed for the summer, I’m reminded of an interesting take on the summer’s activities that I came across regarding FC Barcelona and how they’ve officially lost their title of being “innocent.” I read an answer on Quora Digest that responded to the question of what the person thought about Barcelona’s capture of Malcom from Bordeaux right out underneath from AS Roma. The scathing reply reminded me not only of why I’m a proud Real Madrid fan, but also of how much FC Barcelona has changed as a club since the turn of the 21st Century.

The answer, written by a man named Thach Nguyen, discusses the fact that Barcelona came out of this transfer saga looking like the stereotypical high school bully that everyone hated growing up. Everyone remembers that person: they were loud, braggadocious, and flat-out mean. This comparison works well when you realize that Malcom was on the plane about to go to Rome when FC Barcelona barged in and threw more money at both Bordeaux and Malcom to join after getting a no from Chelsea on Willian.

Of course it stirred up a huge amount of press. After all, it is FC Barcelona signing a premier young player, and considering the way in which they did it, it was noteworthy. That said, it certainly left a bad taste in people’s mouths. That’s because people are starting to see the attitude with which Barcelona conducts business: they smaller clubs around in the hopes of getting what they want. For instance, they’ll never get to do another deal with a Brazilian club again after the fiasco that got stirred up in the aftermath of acquiring Neymar. According to Santos, Neymar’s former club in Brazil, they’re still owed about $12 million in add-on money from the deal, yet Barcelona has refused to acknowledge the truth of that fact.

Basically, FC Barcelona is no longer the underdog that they have always positioned themselves as. Instead, they are now the true “Evil Empire,” which happens to be what they affectionately call Real Madrid.

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