The Female Zlatan is the first Galactica

Why is the first time the most important? Well, most often it’s the first occasion that becomes most indelible in everyone’s memories. Neil Armstrong. Henry Ford. Amelia Earhart. Roger Bannister. George Washington. Each of these people were the first to do something, whether that be walking on the moon, building a car, flying around the world, running a four-minute mile or serving as the first U.S. President. No matter what, these individuals will forever be remembered because of the momentous things they did.

Now, while sports usually are not significant world-changing events, when the world’s most successful football club signs its first player to its women’s team, it’s a big deal. For years, Real Madrid has been criticized for not fielding a women’s side, especially since its rivals, FC Barcelona and Atlético Madrid, both have fielded women’s teams for years. Barcelona founded their women’s side in 1988 and Atletico Madrid founded theirs in 2001. However, Real Madrid changed all that by purchasing Club Deportivo Tacón last month. And now Los Blancos have signed their first player: Kosovare Asllani.

For those who aren’t sure who Asllani is, she’s a striker who captained the Swedish Women’s National Team to a third-place finish in the 2019 Women’s World Cup. An incredibly accomplished and talented footballer, she has been dubbed “The Female Zlatan,” a nod to her overwhelmingly astounding skill, as well as a well-deserved comparison to one of Sweden’s most well-known male footballers, Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Obviously, the eventual success of Real Madrid Femenino will depend on more than just one player, but the fact that Asllani is the first signing symbolizes a few things. First, it signals that this is a reality and Real Madrid will have a female squad. Second, it indicates that Real Madrid is ambitious about putting together a team that can compete at the highest level. Third, and most important, it shows that women’s football is finally going to assume its rightful place as a global sport that deserves the attention of the world’s third most valuable sports team.

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