The fastest high-schooler in the land

The human body is a miraculous work of art. Every part of the body has the ability to move by itself or in tandem with another, and human intelligence is unique among the other species on the planet. However, there are limitations, which are more pronounced in someone younger and less developed, but as we get older, these limitations diminish.

Enter Matthew Boling. He’s an 18-year-old senior at Strake Jesuit High School in Houston, TX. He’ll be off to the University of Georgia in the fall to join its track and field team. But it’s what he accomplished at a track meet yesterday that has floored observers. Boling, nicknamed “White Lightning,” ran the 100-meter dash in just 9.98 seconds, shattering the high-school record and finishing only four-tenths of a second slower than the world record held by Jamaican superstar runner, Usain Bolt.

Now, 9.98 seconds in the 100-meter dash isn’t too special, but realize that this is a high-schooler we’re talking about, not an Olympic athlete. Still, there are Olympic athletes who post slower times, making Boling’s achievement all the more amazing.

Snap reaction to this news was sheer astonishment that a teenager could run a sub-10-second 100-meter dash. Observers pointed out that it shouldn’t be physiologically possible for a human to run that fast at such a young age. His father, Matt, said, “I would love to be able to claim that it’s genetic – but he just has a work ethic that I’ve never seen from anybody.” The fact of the matter is that we may have seen the first national glimpse of Team USA’s next Olympic track star. And the scariest part is that he’s only going to get faster.

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