The Ever-Changing Super Bowl Logo…well, it doesn’t anymore

The Super Bowl. It’s a global event now, leading into its 54th edition. It seems that life stops on Super Bowl Sunday, particularly here in the USA, at least while the game is on. Between the famous commercials, the legendary halftime shows and, of course, the game, it’s a spectacle that everyone just has to watch. But what if I told you that I can pinpoint the exact year that the NFL’s attitudes changed from one of a simple football league to one of a corporate-minded giant?

Take a look at the picture leading this blog post. It’s an image of all 54 Super Bowl logos. Notice how they’re all very colorful. Now, look at the difference between the logos for Super Bowl XLIV and Super Bowl XLV. What’s the difference? The numerals are no longer colorful. They’re metallic, and they’ve remained that way for every Super Bowl since.

Rodger Sherman termed it on Twitter as “America’s descent into fascism explained by Super Bowl logos.” I won’t go nearly that far, but it does provide a window into when the NFL’s attitudes changed and when Roger Goodell really started to settle in as NFL Commissioner.

However, this is an interesting metaphor for the nation. Over the past 10 years, the USA has become, for lack of a better word, a more hostile place. People are meaner, it seems that civil discourse has been thrown out the window and the divide between rich and poor has become ever more pronounced.

I hope for the day when we can go back to simpler times. When people were always courteous, they weren’t so easily offended, and the Super Bowl was more about celebrating a classic American sport than seeing how much money the NFL can squeeze out of advertisers. I hope that day comes soon.

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