The Eternal Adidas-Nike War Continues

Isn’t it wonderful to see everyone getting along? In the case of sports apparel rivals, Adidas and Nike, the answer is a hard “no” and they will be staying that way for awhile with the news that Adidas is suing Nike for allegedly “infringing” on up to nine of the German company’s patents, specifically those around location-based tracking, training plans, and a feature used to verify customers’ authenticity. 

But wait: Why is this a story? Doesn’t every sports apparel company have the technology I mentioned? To answer succinctly, yes they do and normally companies don’t fight each other when there’s some slight overlap, but apparently not only is there significant overlap, but there’s also the not-so-small issue of this being Adidas suing Nike, the two sports apparel giants. Obviously, neither wants any infringement upon themselves by the other and will go to great lengths to ensure it. Nike won’t give up too easily though, as they already have filed a complaint of their own against Adidas’ “Primeknit” technology. 

This entire story strikes me as nothing more than two brothers fighting for supremacy (I know that’s the origin story of the Adidas-PUMA rivalry) and it’ll likely end in a stalemate with neither side having proven much of anything. However, it’s nice to see that the competitive spirit is still alive between the two giants and we’re sure to get a plethora of new innovations from both sides in the near future as they continue their never-ending struggle for supremacy.

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