The End of Alex Rodriguez

By suspending Alex Rodriguez and 13 other players, MLB has finally shown that it is serious about preventing steroid usage. However, even though the Biogenesis scandal has engendered hugely negative sentiment among fans, A-Rod is determined to play again and will likely return with the 2015 season. Neither the Yankees nor MLB should be happy to see him back.

There are good and bad things that come out of this situation. The good part is simple: A-Rod finally got his just desserts. However, it is the bad part that far outweighs its counterpart. First, while A-Rod has received a 211-game suspension, he has already submitted his appeal and, as long as his appeal continues, he can continue playing, per due process. He’s been famously stubborn – his entire career – which suggests that when his suspension ends, he will want to come back.

In fact, Alex Rodriguez announced yesterday that he had officially submitted his appeal to the MLB (as if anyone was surprised). This means that A-Rod could continue playing, bringing negative media attention to the New York Yankees, a team that does not need more baggage added on to the problems they are already dealing with. The most unfortunate part of A-Rod’s appeal is that it should not even be happening. The other 13 players implicated in the Biogenesis scandal all accepted their 50-game suspensions (65 games in the case of Ryan Braun) without the ability to appeal. So why not A-Rod? He, more than anyone, doesn’t deserve the right to dispute his suspension and delay his removal from the game he destroyed. Fortunately, his appeal will almost certainly be denied, forcing him to serve his suspension, but there is still one big problem: A-Rod can come back in two years.

A-Rod’s 211-game suspension is intended to be in effect for the remainder of this season as well as the entirety of the 2014 season. But he will be eligible to return the following year, in 2015, and knowing A-Rod, he will want to rush back and return. His inevitable decision to return would come after his 40th birthday, but that would not hinder Rodriguez.

He should not be allowed to return because he has done so much to destroy the clean reputation the game of baseball. And it’s for the most obvious reason: A-Rod cheated, and there is no place for cheaters in the world of sports.

What’s more, when A-Rod returns, the Yankees would have to continue paying the remainder of his contract, which is no small amount ($27.5 million). And A-Rod would be that guy to return if only to spite the Yankees as well as the MLB. Finally, his return will only add to his stubbornness, drawing the ire of players and fans alike.

Bud Selig should suspended Alex Rodriguez for life. He should not get another chance at redemption in baseball. To clarify, I’m someone who believes that everyone deserves a second chance. However, in A-Rod’s case, HE ALREADY USED UP HIS SECOND CHANCE! The first time was the BALCO scandal and now there’s the Biogenesis scandal. By my count, that adds up to two chances. There are not many people that in my mind deserve third chances, and Alex Rodriguez is certainly not on that list. He should get the lifetime ban that he so richly deserves, and the fact that he got anything except the severest of punishments should be considered as a disgraceful oversight on the part of Bud Selig. Can it be forgiven because he did suspend A-Rod for an unprecedented amount of games? I don’t think so.

I find this entire situation disappointing, ridiculous and sad. Alex Rodriguez used to be one, if not the biggest, of baseball’s iconic figures. He represented a dominant type of player who made a tremendous impact on both sides of the ball, then he gave it all away because he wanted to get even better than he already was. The first time, it cost him his credibility. This time, it will cost him the better part of his career.

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