The Curry Generation is here to invade the NBA—and Trae Young is going to be the first

The Curry Generation—the name given to the generation of kids who’ve grown up as the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry has revolutionized the game of basketball—is ready to begin entering the NBA, and it is a scary proposition. And the Generation is led by the University of Oklahoma’s Trae Young, a freshman point guard who’s taking the college game by storm in a way no one ever has.

Young’s stats so far this season are off the charts. And by “off the charts,” I actually mean record-setting, because no one has ever done in the college game what he’s been doing to begin the season. He’s not even 15 games into his collegiate career, and he already has 6 20-point, 15-assist games. That’s more than any player has had since 1995—in their entire CAREER. Trae Young, right now, is doing things on a basketball court that shouldn’t be happening on a basketball court, at least not at the pace they are and on the college level. If what he was doing was happening in the NBA, sure it’d be eye-catching, but we’ve seen it before. Rarely, but it’s been done. What he’s doing in college has never been done.

That’s why he’s shooting up draft boards in every publication worth reading. NBA teams have immediately started to take notice of a guy who’s already been dubbed “Steph Curry 2.0.” Hopefully, he doesn’t come with the injury problems that plagued the first few years of the actual Stephen Curry’s career.

Comparisons aside, what’s important is that Trae Young’s emergence signals the coming of a new generation of players. Players who grew up watching and emulating guys like Stephen Curry, whose game relies on strong ball handling, flashy passes, and tons of three-pointers. It means that the three-pointer, already significant in today’s NBA and becoming more prevalent every year, is about to become a primary source of point production.

But back to Trae Young, whose college career appears destined to end after this year as teams are already foaming at the mouth to draft him in June’s NBA Draft. People say this every year, but this time, the statement seems legitimate: Trae Young is the real deal. And one can only imagine how he’ll set the NBA on fire.

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