The Culmination of Ascension

It ends tonight. What began in September as something completely unheralded could end tonight as the coronation of one of college football’s most complete quarterback prospects in recent memory. And I’m not talking about the younger one. Trevor Lawrence’s coronation happened last year.

I think tonight’s National Championship Game will be won by LSU and their amazing quarterback, Joe Burrow. Burrow’s meteoric rise this season was astounding, going from being nowhere near the Heisman conversation to running away with the award in the span of three and a half months. His connection with his receivers, namely star wideout Justin Jefferson, in incredible given the fact that the two look like they’ve been playing together for years when they’ve only been together for a matter of months.

However, don’t confuse my saying this with me thinking that Clemson will just belly-flop in this game. Clemson deserves the proper respect as the defending National Champions, and their track record this year has been nothing short of incredible. Besides an undefeated record, Clemson has never even trailed a game by more than seven points. Given that LSU is an offensive powerhouse, that trophy will be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

So while I believe that LSU will win this game and be kings of college football, I expect Clemson to do everything in their power to not only make them earn it, but to keep the trophy away from the Bayou.

An interesting note: Both teams have the tiger as their mascot, so they aren’t only even on the field. In fact, this is actually pretty emblematic of what will happen: this game will be a battle of pride and to find out who the dominant predator is.

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