Thank The Good Lord That James Dolan Finally Did Something Right

New York Knicks President Phil Jackson

For the record, New York Knicks fans don’t usually have a lot to celebrate. The NBA franchise that was part of the league’s Original Six and is based in the city regarded as the “Mecca of Basketball” today is defined by a combination of inability and ineptitude. Basically, the Knicks usually can’t do anything right. However, there is now a bright spot. A sign of hope that maybe not everything is wrong with the Knicks. That’s because James Dolan, the team’s owner, has decided to part ways with Phil Jackson, the team’s embattled president of basketball operations.

Throughout the three years that he’s been in the position, Jackson has shown an inability to help the Knicks, instead being a poor influence on the team and its philosophy. His main problem can be summarized in the following words: Phil Jackson’s downfall was his inability to evolve with the game. To add insult to injury, Phil Jackson didn’t exactly help himself by attempting to trade away Kristaps Porzingis, widely considered the team’s best player and best asset. Simply because Jackson didn’t want to sacrifice his ego for the team, he threatened to destroy the Knicks, and thankfully Dolan stepped in.

Going forward, no realistic Knicks fan expects James Dolan to make every right decision, but at least we can have the confidence that he understands when a situation is dire enough to make a change. Also, he has his eyes on hiring a good replacement in Masai Ujiri, currently the GM for the Toronto Raptors. Given the Raptors’ success over the course of Ujiri’s tenure, hopefully he can bring some of that success to the Knicks.

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