Stop Worrying about the Yankees

Over the last month, I’ve been both unsurprised and shocked at how negatively New York Yankees fans have viewed the team’s recent struggles after the All-Star Break. Now, I don’t think there’s a problem with the reactionary nature of Yankees fans. However, it needs to be reined in and there needs to be some barriers to stop overreacting to the point of believing that the season’s over.

The fact is that, since the All-Star Break, the Yankees have been terrible. They lost 15 games in a 20-game span and no longer have the MLB’s best record (they’re fourth on that list now). During those losses, they didn’t just fail to beat the other team; they didn’t even come close. For a team that has such a reputation for scoring runs, they simply couldn’t get anyone across the plate for the better part of a month, and that deserves a lot of derision. However, it’s time to come back to reality.

So, what’s this “reality?” The reality of the New York Yankees is that they have firepower for days, and we don’t need to be worried whatsoever. The issue earlier in the summer was that a lot of key players ended up on the injured list, which explains why they were struggling so mightily. But now that players are starting to come back (Giancarlo Stanton returned last night), we should see the Yankees return to the dominance they were enjoying in the first half of the season.

I can’t just finish and not address the reactionary nature of my fellow New York Yankees fans. Obviously, we’re all unique and our passion is unrivaled. However, we need to stop overreacting like this and thinking the sky is falling because a 15-game lead in the AL East shrunk to 8 games. It’ll be alright. The Yankees are still going to the World Series, and they’re still winning that trophy. We’ll be just fine.

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