Stealing Signs about Stealing Signs

Society works in mysterious ways when people do bad things. It’s interesting because, despite the fact that bad things happen every day, when something as scandalous as the Houston Astros cheating scandal emerges, everyone feels hurt by it. Even though they’re not directly affected, what’ll happen is that the public will send out immense amounts of hate. The Astros have been seeing it ever since the news first broke in mid-November 2019, and they have certainly not seen the end of it.

What happens now, and what’ll happen throughout the season, is that, at every game, particularly every away game, they will be heckled. They will be booed. Insults will be thrown at them in the thousands. For the rest of their careers, they will be branded as cheaters. Also, even though commissioner Rob Manfred and the MLB don’t want to do it, the Astros’ 2017 World Series title will never again be seen as legitimate. These things will happen and there is nothing the Astros can do to stop it.

There’s no way around the fact that this will be bad. However, there is a way to make it worse, and after only one game in Spring Training, the Astros already figured it out: confiscate disparaging signs. To be clear, the Houston Astros are now stealing signs criticizing the team for…stealing signs. So, here’s the worst part about this: in their infinite wisdom, the Houston Astros have decided it’s a good idea to draw more attention to these critical signs.

We all know that TV broadcasts wouldn’t be showing the signs, but the act of confiscating them now will. In fact, it already has. Basically, the Astros have already made an abominable situation even worse.

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