Soccer Without Fans?

There are a number of factors that are key to creating the passionate atmosphere in live sports that we all know and love. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has momentarily eliminated them entirely, but even when sports resumes, it seems like there may be one crucial element that’ll be missing, at least for a bit longer.

Obviously, the idea of having fans at a game right now is out of the question, but when this does subside would it be a good idea to have fans there? Many experts understand that respiratory illnesses like COVID-19 die down in the summer before reemerging in the fall. Whether COVID-19 follows suit remains to be seen, but its behavior is likely to mimic that of other related coronaviruses.

However, there is one group that has put the idea of having fans in attendance at games virtually to bed. German league CEO Christian Seifert has suggested that fans “won’t be readmitted to stadiums in the country” for the remainder of 2020. This is based on fears of continuing to spread COVID-19 after doing our collective best to socially distance in an effort to “flatten the curve.”

But this is Germany we’re talking about! And German soccer! Ask any fan and they’ll tell you that Germans are among the most passionate soccer fans in the world. To imagine the rest of the season playing out without them in obviously hard, but it might be what has to be done in order to keep people safe.

I don’t like it, but I have to applaud Mr. Seifert for having the presence of mind to say now that fans won’t be allowed for the rest of the year in order to keep people safe. It’ll upset a lot of people, but it’ll keep them alive and out of hospitals. Well done!

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